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The Blackwall Chronicles: Part 1

Faewynn, Jamroar, and Therrin of the Trade Federation journeyed to Fort Blackwall to investigate the sudden stop in trade. They discovered that in addition to traders being killed and taken off the trade routes, the party discovered that there had been several disappearances within the walls of Fort Blackwall.

Lured into a meeting with an attractive elf, Jamroar met his demise at the hands of a Succubus (one of the ones responsible for the disappearances). Faewynn almost met the same fate with that of an Incubus, but made an agreement with him instead; promising the safety of her companions.

Faewynn and Therrin were deputized by the marshal.

Faewynn and the Jazai, Skalla, journeyed outside of Blackwall to meet an old woman in the swamps to find information on the attacks on the trade routes, and to protect herself from the Incubus and Succubus.

Leaving the Trade Federation, Therrin remained hot on the trail of the demons, but discovered the body of his companion in a murder scene. A setup by the Succubus to throw the locals off her tail.

Deplorable Origins: The Story So Far

Ollie and Idendril of the village of Maverickstead barely survived the siege brought by Blackhand Orcs and mercenaries. Their pokemon were taken from them, and they witnessed a powerful lich perform dark necromancy.

A search party arrived and took Ollie and Idendril with a small group of other survivors. On the way back to the capital most were killed when being chased by Orcs.

Ollie and Idendril were taken nineteen years into the future and witnessed the fall of Aurdendale at the capital of Northreach.

Back in their own time, they uncovered an underground cult of ______. They joined the new Aurendale Heroes Guild and have founded the White Flame under the guidance of Ollie’s uncle, the mayor of Thornwall.

Ollie and Idendril have recently moved to Thornwall where they will begin hunting down their pokemon and family.

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